We offer assistance with a full range of contract management services.

  • CACFP Applications - We help guide you through the process of submitting your initial application.

  • Contract Renewals - We help you ensure that your renewal submission is on point - so you can keep receiving your CACFP benefits without interruption!

  • Contract Amendments - We help you ensure your program information is accurate, from contract details to your CACFP budget and more!

We know the importance of accuracy with your contract documents.  We help guide you through the process of completing these documents so they're acceptable to TDA standards.


At the end of each month, we can process your paper copies of claim documents that need to be reviewed, consolidated, and recorded.  

  • Enrollment & Income Forms - We ensure that each form contains all required information, and we accurately categorize it according to income.

  • Operational Expenses - We review all food, non-food, and labor documentation to ensure that only allowable expenses are recorded for the month.

  • Meal Production & Meal Counts - If your center still records meals on paper, we will review those documents.  We tally up meal count totals to ensure that you claim the correct number of meals.  We also ensure meal production records are compliant, including serving sufficient quantities for each required meal component.

  • Monthly Reports - Review all of your monthly claim information in a simple, easy-to-understand report  You'll have everything you need to file your claim with total confidence!


We can help you prepare for your TDA program audit.


After the audit occurs, we can also help guide you through any corrective action plans that may be necessary. 

  • Required Documents Checklist - We make sure you have everything you need AND that the information is accurate and organized.

  • Operational Expenses - We review, consolidate, and categorize your past months' expenses.  We also compare this to line items on your CACFP budget.

  • Site Review Preparation - We work with your staff to ensure your meal service operations are in compliance.

  • After Review Support - We help guide you through the process of constructing a corrective action plan and documenting it in a format that is acceptable to TDA.


We offer the industry's easiest, most user-friendly CACFP software.

  • Simple Navigation - This software provides easy-to-follow workflows that allow users to get in, record their information, and get out so they can get back to what's really important in their day.

  • Mobile-Friendly - Designed with mobile in mind, the software features large, easy-to-navigate icons that display beautifully on any device.

  • Cloud-Based - Use the application on any device, from any location.  All you need is Internet access!

  • Free Trial - We offer a 'Freemium' version that allows you to use some of the software's core features, at no cost to you.