What exactly does CACFP Solutions do?

Our clients 'outsource' CACFP program-related tasks to us. We offer a customizable blend of CACFP services & products, tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual client. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: End-of-the-Month Claim Processing

  • Reviewing, categorizing, & recording enrollment/income forms
  • Reviewing & recording monthly program expenses
  • Generating easy-to-understand reports detailing all required information
Easy-to-Use CACFP Software
  • Offered exclusively to our clients
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Experienced Support Staff
  • Our staff has years of experience and knows the ins & outs of the CACFP.
  • They have the expert advice and information you need to ensure your program is successful and stress-free.
TDA Program Review Assistance
  • We can help you get ready for your administrative review, as well as provide guidance with any corrective action that may be needed post-review.

What is your pricing structure?

Each client is unique, and we prepare a customized blend of services that suits them. We work with each client to determine a solution that fits their needs and budget. Once the client decides on the options they want to include in their services, we can provide a quote. Our services don't cost you money - they SAVE you money.

How much time can I expect to save working with CACFP Solutions?

It depends on what your current CACFP system looks like and how many of our services you wish to use. For our typical client who is completing all of their CACFP records manually on paper, switching to our base line services saves them 25 hours a month on average.

How long does it take obtain a CACFP contract?

It can take 2-3 weeks to prepare and submit the application documents, and then the state agency will review your application within 15 days. If the state agency requests corrections to your application, you will then submit those to the state agency. The state agency has 30 days to approve or deny your application after you submit it online. Send us a message in the Contact Us form on the right to learn more!

I have a CACFP administrative review coming up!  How can I ensure I’m prepared?

  1. Review the list of pre-review documentation needed. You'll receive this list in a letter from TDA, usually 2-4 weeks before your scheduled review date. Be sure to submit these docs before the day of your review.
  2. Prepare docs needed for the day of the review. This will also be in the letter you'll receive from TDA before your scheduled review date. Make sure these records are neat, organized, and easily accessible.
  3. Follow CACFP guidelines when serving meals during the review. If your reviewer is observing a meal service, be sure you follow all program guidelines, including contracted meal times, required meal components, etc.
  4. Stay organized! The better organized your program documentation is, the smoother your review process will be! If the reviewer has to sort through a stack of unorganized documents, it could cause them to dig deeper into your program details for potential issues of noncompliance.
We offer administrative review services, including assistance with preparing review documentation, tips on what to expect on review day, and guidance on how to interpret/prepare any corrective action required after the review is conducted.

I am using CACFP software, but I still complete some records on paper. Can I still get help with my claims processing?

Absolutely! We can process any paper CACFP records you have, even if you're using CACFP software for the rest. We offer processing services for any and all of the following record types: attendance records, meal records, enrollment & income forms, operational/administrative labor, and receipts.

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